Higher productivity

In 2018, FMO continued to build a robust, effective and efficient organisation that frees up employees to add more value to clients. We delivered against our plan in 2018 but at a slower pace than anticipated because the scope of our ambition requires more time and resources than anticipated. Specifically, we made progress in four domains, by combining investments in IT capabilities with redesigned processes and new tools.

First, we implemented the first phase of an HR programme that will bring our culture more in line with our strategy. We defined new team roles for our investment teams for greater effectiveness, conducted an engagement survey, rolled out a new leadership development programme and ran an open feedback culture pilot as part of efforts to boost our performance management.

Second, we strengthened our information management by setting up the infrastructure for our new information management platform, rolling out data governance and quality processes and releasing a portfolio dashboard for all of our debt, guarantee and equity products. This will help us better analyse, report, forecast and steer on impact.

Third, as part of efforts to optimise key investment and portfolio management processes through the Business Process Optimization project, we launched a new system to support the commercial processes for debt products. The first release enables us to make changes to terms and conditions of a contract over the lifetime of an investment a lot faster.

And finally, we developed a programme that among others will break down silos and increase efficiency, effectiveness and control. We will do this in four areas, namely strengthening our culture, stakeholder engagement, improve and professionalise how we work together internally and running the business. These plans will be implemented in 2019.