FMO Investment Management

FMO Investment Management B.V. (FMO IM) is a 100% subsidiary of FMO. The purpose is to build and grow investment management for professional investors. This is part of FMO’s strategic ambition to catalyze commercial investors to emerging markets and strengthen its position as a leading impact investor. FMO IM’s mission is to scale up impact investing by providing investors with access to FMO’s deal flow in sustainable emerging market investments.


FMO IM has a license as an investment firm and is authorized to execute portfolio management, process receipt and transmission of orders, and provide investment advice. FMO IM prepared itself for and implemented new regulatory requirements (MiFID II) in 2017. FMO IM has its own Management Board. As sole shareholder of FMO IM, FMO determines the charter and scope within which the company operates, and FMO has approval rights for specific matters. FMO IM has a dedicated Advisory Council (Raad van Advies) which, apart from having a general advisory function, and acting as sounding board, focuses on conflicts of interest between FMO IM and FMO. Two of the three members of this council are independent members.