FMO’s stakeholders and engagement

We actively engage with our stakeholders to find out what matters most to them, improving our decision-making and accountability in the process. We have identified FMO’s stakeholder groups based on the influence they have on FMO’s strategy as well as the extent to which they are affected by FMO’s strategy. The following table gives an overview of our key stakeholder groups and how we engage with each of them.

Stakeholder group



Clients – We actively seek clients and projects with high potential for positive impact in terms of economic growth, social progress and environmental sustainability. Our clients are companies, financial institutions, private equity fund managers, and infrastructure and energy project developers in developing countries.

Regular business meetings, specific events or conferences


State of the Netherlands – We were founded as a public-private partnership with 51% of our shares held by the State of the Netherlands, through the Ministry of Finance. As part of the Dutch government’s international development agenda, our mandate is to promote private sector development in developing countries. The Dutch government also guarantees our financial commitments and entrusts us with the management of a number of government funds that have strong synergies with the overall FMO strategy.

Organized meetings with Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Shareholders – The remaining 49% of our shareholders’ capital is provided by commercial banks, trade unions and other members of the private sector.

Annual General Meeting of shareholders


Employees – Our employees are highly qualified and exemplify our cultural values: engaged, excellence, cooperation, and making a difference.

Works council meetings, department meetings, town hall meetings


Investors – We offer investors access to our expertise with regard to responsibly investing in emerging markets while providing our clients with increased access to financing and diversified lending. We also catalyze commercial banks with our syndicated loans.

Roadshows, frequent meetings


Partner DFIs – Our financing partners co-finance with us and deliver valuable local knowledge about the markets in which we operate.

Business meetings


Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – Through engaging with NGOs we aim to learn and improve on our ESG investment policies and practices.

Specifically organized meetings


Local communities and clients of clients - With our support, our clients create jobs (directly and indirectly in the value chain), manufacture products and deliver services in a more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way.

Ad hoc meetings

Ad hoc

Dutch Central Bank (DNB) – We manage risks within well-defined boundaries. Our In Control Framework ensures continuous measurement and monitoring of the drivers in our risk universe.

Regular organized meetings


Knowledge partners – Universities, NGOs, etc that help us develop relevant knowledge in order to finance innovative projects.

Organized meetings