2017 Materiality Assessment

To establish what matters most to our key stakeholder groups we have updated and validated the materiality assessment performed in 2016. 2017 was a year of extensive stakeholder dialogues. FMO sought feedback to understand whether stakeholder needs changed during the year. The outcomes of these dialogues were verified by desk research and used to update the 2016 results. The outcome of the materiality assessment is included in the matrix below, in which the major changes are indicated. For a detailed description of the topics included in this overview please refer to the ‘Glossary of terms’ annex.

The results reflect the external environment in which we operate. As a development bank we recognize the importance of having strong ESG risk management to ensure that we invest in a sustainable manner, taking into account all stakeholders involved. We also acknowledge the importance of being transparent on how we invest and being accountable for the results we achieve. In a more competitive landscape, having in-depth sector and product knowledge as well as the ability to deliver innovative services has become more important. The last few years have also shown that combining profitable and impactful investments with value for the Netherlands has become more of a priority. 

The reporting process for this integrated report was guided by our strategic priorities and mirrored against material topics from the matrix.