Value for the Netherlands

In recent years FMO has increasingly been requested to combine impact in developing countries with value creation for the Netherlands. In addition to supporting Dutch international commitments in meeting SDGs and climate goals, FMO should enable Dutch companies to invest in developing countries and emerging markets, in case commercial funding is not available.

Stakeholder needs

The Dutch government has called upon FMO to clearly show how it supports the SDGs. Dutch companies indicate the need for financial and non-financial support for their activities in developing countries and emerging markets. FMO is called upon to align these two goals and in doing so, support the aid and trade agenda of the Dutch government.

Risks, opportunities and dilemmas

Our strategy for the period up to 2025 is designed to create local prosperity by focusing on three SDGs in particular. More decent jobs, less inequality and climate action create local stability, providing a more prosperous outlook and removing root causes of forced migration. FMO has taken steps to play a central role in assisting Dutch companies with investments in emerging markets through its subsidiary NedLinx B.V., which originated from the NL Business department. In these activities, FMO will uphold its approach to being additional to the market and avoiding competition with commercial financiers, whilst maintaining high ESG standards.