Our approach

To deepen our relationships with clients and stakeholders, we focus on those sectors where we can have the biggest impact. To that end we decided to discontinue our debt offering to non-focus sectors and deepen our expertise in financial institutions, energy and agribusiness, food & water. We continue to invest in expertise on environmental and social risk management and engagement, with specialist staff for stakeholder management and an explicit and systematic focus on human rights.

We strengthen our fund management proposition for public sector funds, for which we have established a dedicated Public Investment Management team. Engaging commercial investors to co-invest with FMO, both through FMO Investment Management (FMO IM) and through syndicated transactions, remains a priority. Through our combined objective of financing for both financial returns and development impact, we scale impact investing in emerging markets.

Our goal to ‘invest in local prosperity’ is not only important to local people, but also to the Netherlands. Decent work, less inequality and climate action increase local stability. This is important for the Netherlands and the countries close to us, for example in the ‘Circle around Europe’ and in Africa. We want to maximize local impact by using our deep expertise in development finance to support Dutch business activities in emerging markets. To that end we have set up NedLinx B.V., a fully owned subsidiary with a broad mandate to finance both private and public sector counterparts in emerging markets even beyond the traditional FMO sectors. Through the envisaged joint venture of NedLinx B.V. with Invest-NL we can serve Dutch businesses with a single point of contact for a broad internationally oriented product suite.