Steering the organization 

Meeting our goal for 2025 requires organizational transition. We will optimize how we work at FMO through five key changes. We wish to:

  1. Be more proactive: approach our clients more proactively and increase our understanding of their needs and the context in which they operate.

  2. Strengthen focus: having a clear sector focus, allowing us to increase our expertise, develop deeper relationships, and create a higher-impact portfolio.

  3. Strengthen collaboration: foster effective collaboration across the organization and specifically between debt, equity, syndications and capacity development departments. In this manner we improve our client offerings and speed up operational processes.

  4. Strengthen effective decision making: we promote clear roles and responsibilities, take well-informed decisions and stick to them. This leads to higher productivity.

  5. Strengthen our external orientation: by being more externally oriented, we increase our local knowledge and understanding of our markets, clients and stakeholders, and anticipate how to respond to their expectations.

The following table gives an overview of how our strategic objectives are linked to our external environment and our stakeholders, how we steer towards meeting these objectives, and the results we achieved during 2017.

Strategic objective

Link with external environment

Material aspect

Key performance indicators

2017 targets

2017 performance

Investing in local prosperity

Addressing global issues

Development impact

Total new commitments

EUR 2.5 bln

EUR 3.1 bln

Environmental footprint of our investments

Green investments

30% of total

42% of total

Inclusive development

Reducing inequalities investments

> 10 inclusive & gender equality investments

41 inclusive & gender equality investments

NGOs and local stakeholders have become more vocal

ESG risk management

ESG action items

Complete > 90% of actions due

89% of actions due

Transparency & accountability


Being the preferred partner

Market dynamics are changing

Catalyzing public & private capital

New commitments state funds

EUR 100 mln

EUR 210 mln

Catalyzed funds

EUR 0.9 bln

EUR 1.1 bln

Client satisfaction


Additionality of FMO’s activities


Financial sustainability and risk appetite of FMO

Operating income

EUR 400 mln

EUR 444 mln

Innovation and knowledge management at FMO


Value for the Netherlands

Support Dutch companies

Dutch business transactions

EUR 500 mln

EUR 94 mln