Culture and management

In order to make its strategic ambitions happen, productivity in the organization will need to increase. In part, this is about improving business processes. We applaud efforts to this end and various quick wins already gained.

However, at least as important to productivity are behavior and a supportive company culture. The theme of culture has been on the agenda in the past and will become even more pressing going forward. FMO has always had a strong culture based on a passion for development. This needs to be maintained as a core strength. It needs to be complemented by behavior in which management and employees take responsibility for their actions, are collaborative and are open. As a strong example, we applaud the town hall meetings organized by Chief Executive Officer Jürgen Rigterink, in which he periodically faces all employees to respond to any questions they have. As Supervisory Board, we engaged with the Management Board and supported its efforts to keep aspects of culture on the agenda of the organization.