Role as employer

The Supervisory Board appoints Management Board members. It has evaluated the performance of the Management Board as a whole and that of its individual members. These functions were combined in the Selection, Appointment & Remuneration Committee (SARC), which convened three times during the year, members being Dirk Jan van den Berg (Chairman) and Pier Vellinga. In 2017, the SARC advised the Supervisory Board on amongst others, the succession of the CRFO, two new Supervisory Board members and the composition of the Supervisory Board committees.

The Supervisory Board appointed per October 15, 2017 Ms. Fatoumata Bouaré as FMO’s Chief Risk & Finance Officer. We are pleased with her arrival. She brings strong experience in finance and risk management in emerging markets, in particular in Africa. In addition, with her cultural background, she will bring diversity and a strong understanding about clients’ and societal needs in emerging markets and developing countries.

In 2017, various interactions with the Works Council took place, including the regular annual meeting. For the Supervisory Board, the Works Council is an important platform to discuss organizational issues as well as opportunities and developments in human resources.