At a glance

FMO is the Dutch development bank

Since 1970 we have been the driving force behind investments empowering entrepreneurs in emerging markets. We invest with the aim of enhancing local prosperity in places where this is needed most. We focus on underserved markets in key sectors for development, taking risks that few others are willing to take. Our role extends beyond financing, as we challenge businesses to meet high international standards regarding the welfare of people, corporate governance and the environment. These businesses in turn create jobs and tax income, and contribute to a healthy private sector improving people’s prospects for a better life. FMO has its head office in The Hague, the Netherlands with a local office in Johannesburg, South Africa.


We believe in a world in which, in 2050, more than 9 billion people live well and within the means of the planet’s resources.


We empower entrepreneurs to build a better world.

Strategic goal 

Your preferred partner to invest in local prosperity.