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NGOs and local stakeholders have become more vocal

Local communities, NGOs, governments and the media increasingly expect development banks to foster local prosperity through investments with a positive impact on local communities.

Market dynamics are changing

Various forces are shaping the landscape for development banks. Public funds have increasingly become available for private projects, sometimes at subsidized rates.

FMO’s stakeholders and engagement

We actively engage with our stakeholders to find out what matters most to them, improving our decision-making and accountability in the process.

Our approach

To deepen our relationships with clients and stakeholders, we focus on those sectors where we can have the biggest impact.

Culture and management

In order to make its strategic ambitions happen, productivity in the organization will need to increase. In part, this is about improving business processes. We applaud efforts to this end and various quick wins already gained.

Corporate Governance

Sound corporate governance at FMO is crucial for two reasons. The first reason is that as a public-private development bank, our own governance, structure and reporting lines must be both sound and transparent.

Governance structure

FMO’s corporate governance structure is based on the premise that FMO is a long-term partnership of stakeholders who, directly or indirectly, influence or are influenced by the achievement of our objectives.

Solid risk management framework

FMO has a solid risk management framework in place reflecting its banking license, AAA rating and mandate to do business in high-risk countries.

Independent complaints mechanism

FMO has an Independent Complaints Mechanism (ICM) together with the Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG). This allows affected parties the possibility to raise their complaints with an Independent Expert Panel (IEP).

Combined Independent Auditor’s and Assurance Report

For the combined auditor's and assurance report we refer to the PDF version on this website.