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Vision and mission

Since 1970 we have been the driving force behind investments empowering entrepreneurs in emerging markets. We invest with the aim of enhancing local prosperity in places where this is needed most.

External environment

This chapter outlines the context in which FMO operated in 2017. We will also look at what some of the changes in our external environment meant to our organization and our stakeholders, and how we responded.

Management board structure in 2017

Our management board is charged with developing and implementing our strategy as well as complying with legislation, regulations, risk management and auditing.

Addressing global issues

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement have set joint public and corporate agendas aimed at ending extreme poverty, reducing inequality and tackling climate change.

NGOs and local stakeholders have become more vocal

Local communities, NGOs, governments and the media increasingly expect development banks to foster local prosperity through investments with a positive impact on local communities.

Market dynamics are changing

Various forces are shaping the landscape for development banks. Public funds have increasingly become available for private projects, sometimes at subsidized rates.

Value for the Netherlands

In recent years FMO has increasingly been requested to combine impact in developing countries with value creation for the Netherlands.

Regulatory developments

In December 2017, the Basel Committee announced the completion of the Basel III reforms.

FMO’s stakeholders and engagement

We actively engage with our stakeholders to find out what matters most to them, improving our decision-making and accountability in the process.

2017 Materiality Assessment

To establish what matters most to our key stakeholder groups we have updated and validated the materiality assessment performed in 2016. 2017 was a year of extensive stakeholder dialogues.