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In Search Of VOF: Ilja van Roon

Opmeer Reports, I Cover: Sucafina, Colombia | P8-9 Banco Sudameris, Paraguay | P74-75 Genneia S.A., Argentina I P82-83 MCE Agricultural project, Latin America I P90-91 HPW Fresh & Dry Ghana, Ghana | P128-129 Sucafina coffee plantation, Colombia I P166-167 Banco Pichincha, Ecuador I P250-251 Genneia S.A., Argentina

Arenda Oomen, Arenda Oomen Fotografie: P9 group picture Management Board, P80 Supervisory Board members, P85 Management Board members

Own photography: P240-241 Khan Bank - greenhouse project, Mongolia

Studio Duel, The Hague

F19 Digital Reporting, Eindhoven

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This integrated annual report covers activities that took place or had an effect on the reporting year.

FMO publishes its integrated annual report on 22 March 2024. The annual shareholders' meeting is in April. The report is audited by an external auditor. Please read EY's auditor's report for detailed information on the scope of their work. Previous reports are available on