Deeper relationships

To increase our impact, we continue to collaborate and create partnerships with our stakeholders, including public and private parties. For instance, we are developing new mobilizing vehicles together with institutional investors to increase private direct mobilized funds towards impact projects. FMO expects to grow its direct mobilized portfolio by 6% to €3.2 billion. This will include additional investments of €902 million, 80% of which will come from private funds.

We will invest €100 million to support Dutch businesses and invest €195 million using public funds that we manage on behalf of the Dutch government and other public parties like the EU. We will continue to implement our stakeholder engagement strategy and introduce a quality of stakeholder relationship metric to measure the success of our engagement with stakeholders.

Furthermore, we will carry out and contribute towards EDFI harmonization efforts, harmonization of reporting standards and other industry standard setting initiatives. These are important in the context of impact, but also take time due to the complexity of topics and the need to achieve consensus among a large group of stakeholders. These activities will therefore continue beyond 2020.