Higher productivity

FMO will continue to build a high-performing organization that enables us to deliver high impact and build deeper relationships in a more efficient and productive way. To respond to stakeholders’ needs and regulatory requirements we have strengthened our organization in the past few years. We increased the number of staff and adapted our governance and organizational structure accordingly.

We will continue to improve management information and data quality and improve our processes, systems and culture. To support our portfolio growth and ambitions, we will find ways to achieve more with existing resources. By optimizing our business processes, we will be able to deliver better and faster service to our clients. Meanwhile, we will align the culture with the corporate values and invest in the training and development of our staff.

We will also strengthen FMO’s leadership, by aligning roles and responsibilities and focusing on development of FMO’s leadership competencies and talents. Finally, we will embed our redefined values and behaviors in our processes and procedures. For instance in our employee journey, from the moment of hiring to developing and promoting our staff. We will also review our business processes on how to better incorporate our values.

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