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3 Risk developments

For a detailed overview of FMO’s risk governance and risk management approach please refer to the "Risk Management" section in FMO’s 2022 annual report. The risk developments in the first half year of 2023 are described below. Read more about 3 Risk developments .

4 Segment information

The Management Board sets performance targets, approves and monitors the budgets prepared by operating segments. Operating segments are not identical to the strategic sectors. Read more about 4 Segment information .

5 Financial Instruments

The following table shows the carrying amounts of financial assets and financial liabilities. Read more about 5 Financial Instruments .

7 Debentures and notes

Debentures and notes includes issued debt instruments in various currencies under FMO's Debt Issuance Programs. In addition, a subordinated note of €250 million is also included in the Debenture and Notes. Read more about 7 Debentures and notes .

8 Commitments and contingent liabilities

To meet the financial needs of borrowers, FMO enters into various irrevocable commitments (loan commitments, equity commitments and guarantee commitments) and contingent liabilities. Read more about 8 Commitments and contingent liabilities .

9 Interest Income

Interest income increased during the current financial period due to increases in interest rates on FMO's variable rate loan portfolio. This is driven by increases in the reference rates observed in the market. Read more about 9 Interest Income .

At a glance

FMO is the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank. As a leading impact investor, FMO supports sustainable private sector growth in developing countries and emerging markets by investing in ambitious projects and entrepreneurs. Read more about At a glance .

Condensed consolidated statement of cash flows

The balance as mentioned in the cash flow statement corresponds with the following items in the consolidated balance sheet: Read more about Condensed consolidated statement of cash flows .