Material topics

Every year, we confirm our material topics with our stakeholders through a survey and regular stakeholder dialogue. Our last materiality assessment survey was done in 2018 and the outcomes were updated in 2019 based on our engagement with each stakeholder.

In 2020, we conducted a new survey that was based on the assumption that the topics material to FMO are also what stakeholders measure our performance against. We asked stakeholders to rate our performance on each of these topics. In addition, through an open-ended question, we asked their view on the most relevant risks and opportunities for FMO in the coming years. The topics with the highest scores that were not yet covered previously were added to the set of material topics. 

The outcome of the materiality assessment provides guidance on the (level of) information stakeholders expect FMO to disclose through the annual report or other communication channels. The outcome also serves as input for our stakeholder dialogue sessions and strategic planning. A detailed description of the approach and results are provided in the chapter Stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment.