Deeper relationships

With a portfolio of €9.6 billion, FMO is a relatively small investor and the SDG challenges we tackle are incredibly large and complex. The only way mankind can achieve the SDG goals, is if all stakeholders pool their resources, and if developed and developing countries realise their fates are inextricably linked. That is why at FMO we seek to deepen the relationships we have with our stakeholders.

This means we approach our clients, partners and stakeholders proactively to jointly develop opportunities, and increase our understanding of their needs. In addition, we believe that improving employee engagement and client satisfaction will help us succeed. But deeper relationships also mean that we actively try to catalyse our funds by arranging loan syndications, through commercial fund management, and by blending public and private financing sources. We accept a relatively high share of the risk involved in an investment, giving other financiers the space and comfort to co-invest with us.

We also maximise our impact by using our deep expertise in development finance to support Dutch businesses in emerging markets. Not only does this help to grow their business, but by investing in decent work, reducing inequality and undertaking climate action it also helps to improve local stability, thereby addressing the root causes of irregular migration in the European Neighbourhood and Africa.