Prospect for 2019

Looking ahead to 2019, the Supervisory Board expects the external environment to remain turbulent but FMO to become stronger on the back of internal improvements. The Supervisory Board also believes that 2019 will present considerable opportunities for having a positive impact on the world. The liquidity in the markets will continue to be available but there will be a lack of high-quality investment opportunities.

This means FMO will need to take an even more pro-active role in the creation of bankable projects, for example by shaping public-private partnerships in which public and private money blend. At the same time, FMO’s stakeholders will more critically evaluate its performance and hold FMO to a higher standard. This means FMO needs to responsibly grow its staff count and create a more robust organisation by continuing to invest in areas like IT systems, efficient processes and client attention.

The Supervisory Board will closely monitor execution of the 2025 strategy, with specific attention for the work to make FMO's organisation more effective and efficient, and for implementation of the values. Furthermore, we will monitor the actions FMO and RVO will undertake to set up the new company to support Dutch companies.